How To Organize An Engagement Photo Shoot?

Engagement photo shoots are quite popular as they provide the wedding couples an opportunity to take pictures in an informal way. Engagement pictures are quite romantic and a photo shoot makes things more exciting. Most of the photographers offer engagement photo shoots as a part of the wedding album. However, if you feel that it makes the package too expensive you can arrange it separately. For making your engagement album you need a professional who has a good deal of experience in handling outdoor photo shoots. Mentioned below are a few interesting tips that can make your engagement photo shoot truly amazing.

Choosing the right location

A photograph is comprised of two major elements. One is the foreground and the other is the background. Foreground comprises the people and objects that are photographed and the background includes the surrounding space. In outdoor photography, the background has lots of influence on the foreground objects. So to make things look great, you need to choose a great location that features beautiful trees and grasses. A natural surrounding is always more beautiful in pictures. An experienced wedding photographer Fremantle can help you in choosing the best spots in your city. You can opt for hilly places or beaches to have a better effect. Nature parks and riverside views are also a great choice. These surroundings can add more romance and an eternal feel to your pictures.

Choosing the right timings

The natural outdoor light can make things look brighter or darker depending on the time of the day and direction of the light. Photographs taken during the morning hours may look different from the ones that you take in the afternoon. Sometimes photographers choose beaches to take pictures with the sunset in the background. It is best to avoid outdoor photo shoots when the sun is too bright. Professional and skilled photographers can suggest the best places and timings for taking great pictures. Photographers who are specialists in outdoor photography can work wonders with the way sunrays look through their lens.

Engagement ring

Pictures of the engagement ring are very important. It can be photographed in various creative ways. Couples usually arrange a photo shoot at the time of the engagement. This would be followed by a few images of the wedding couple at various places that they find most romantic.

Attractive outfits and makeup

Engagement photo shoot needs a certain degree of preparation if you want the best results. You should try on various attractive outfits before leaving for an outdoor photo shoot. Unlike wedding photography, engagement photo shoots allow you to be in your favorite outfit and hairstyle. So you should take advantage of this freedom and take time to make all the improvements you can.

Greatest Destinations To Catch Through The Lenses

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, a common phrase which is also quite true. Photography is a form of art. There are various types of photography. If you have a keen eye and a special favor for something, you can seek your passion in that particular art. People who love to journey around and find new locations tend to find interest in travel photography. For all the travel photographers out there; get your lenses ready as this article will bring some must visit locations around the globe. 


Let’s start from a warm destination that all beach-lovers dream of traveling to. Not only is the Hawaiian Islands a tourist attractor, but it is also famous for attracting the photographers Sydney with a flavor for some sandy beaches. From the Waikiki Wall and Beach, which is a beautiful scenery of glorious sunsets, bright palm trees and the crystal blue ocean, to the Diamond Head crater, a Volcano crater to the turtle bay, you will be able to capture some phenomenal sceneries and creature. The experience you gain will be an added advantage. 


The first thing that pops into your mind when you hear about this great country is the Sydney Opera House. All the photographers in Sydney and many around the country as well as the globe has a capture of this glorious location. But apart from that, Australia has some breathtaking sitings to offer. The Double Island point, Princess Pier, Hornby Lighthouse, Victoria Harbour and Moreton Island are just a few places to name.  

Sri Lanka 

A place filled with UNESCO world heritages, this little perl of the great Indian Ocean, consists of some remarkable landmarks. From the great Sigiriya, to the ruins of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa to the sacred Sri Maha Bodhiya. This little island has some historical sitings that your lenses will find interesting. Not to forget the sandy beaches and the beautiful forests. It is a little island filled with beautiful locations. 


Famous for their unique architecture, Greece is definitely a place of noteworthy views. Santorini is one of the best picturesque places in this country. The colorful houses cascading around the island along with the bright and beaming sunsets will definitely tease your lenses. 

These are countries are a must visit for travel lovers. Apart from these Iceland, Vietnam, Thailand, Croatia and Brazil are other destinations with some gorgeous views. You will find contrasting captions when traveling to these places. At the end, you will have a beautiful collection of some great locations to boost about.